New York State attorney general Mr. Eric Schneiderman filed a legal brief today (Tuesday) where he challenged the constitutionality of DOMA.

This action comes promptly after New York signed Marriage Equality into law and hundreds of same-sex couples rode the first wave of exhilaration from the victory and tied the knot on Sunday.

Although this was a huge step forward towards equality for LGBT people, it was still not total equality. Even if same-sex couples can marry and the state would honour the nuptial, federal government still doesn’t and wouldn’t recognize it. A same-sex couple married in New York would not be recognized in New Jersey. As a result many benefits available to heterosexual couples from the federal government are still beyond reach of same-sex couple. We are close but not close enough.

President Obama has already declared DOMA unconstitutional and instructed the justice department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act and has called for the law’s repeal.


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