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Legal support of lesbians in India… a growing trend?

Its just half of the year that has passed and we have heard two separate incidences about a court ruling in favour of lesbian couple in India.

The first ruling was for Neha and Khushboo who had reportedly filed a petition with a Chattisgarh court for security as the couple feared they would be harmed by their friends and family. The court ordered full protection to them and ruled they can live together as they were of legal age. This was in April.

Fast Forward to July where Savita and Veena went to court asking for protection after being threatened by their friends and families. In this case, just this court ruling in favour of the women was not the only key point. Apparently Savita was forced to get married by her family, earlier this year. She got a divorce from her husband and told a Gurgaon judge that she wishes to get married to her girl friend Veena. According to sources the judge over saw the wedding and pronounced them husband and wife.

And this makes me wonder. Why all of a sudden this pro-lesbian rulings from the judges, both from smaller villages or cities in north India.

The second question that arises, would the rulings have been any different if instead of a lesbian couple, it was a male gay couple?

Finally if it is true that the judge did declare Savita and Veena as husband and wife, why was there no huge celebration for this tremendous step forward in India. Read here the Times Of India interviews of  LGBT people and activists.


Lesbian couple from India illegally married but legally protected.

A Indian lesbian couple from a small town of Manesar near New Delhi got married on the 22nd of July, needless to say against their family’s wishes.

Although homosexuality has been decriminalized in India, same-sex marriages are still not recognized legally. After receiving death threats from their family members, these women went to court asking for protection.

You can get full details here.

Today the court has granted them 24 hours protection.  They are not legally married, but they are of legal age so can choose to live with whoever and wherever they want. And homosexuality being no longer a criminal offence in India, the law cannot pin anything against the two girls.

I had reported before another incidence of Neha and Khushboo and how the court granted them full protection too. That was the first legal individual case. At that time I had stated that once court rules in the favour of an LGBT person, it will have a snowball effect. They cannot rule against them ever again on the basis of their sexual orientation.

You can read about it here.

I hope this trend continues. As long as we have the legal backing, a lot can be accomplished, even when our Heath Minister says that homosexuality is a disease and has come from a  far off  land.

And I celebrate my 50th blog with a great news from INDIA.



The stories that have been coming in on this although are from reliable sources, are bizarre to say the least. Savita and Veena, I assumed were married in some obscure little temple and hence legally has no significance, now looks like they were actually married in court in front of a Gurgaon judge. It is very hard to believe that on judge randomly would allow two girls to get married when he very well knows that it would not be recognized anywhere in the country.

Another piece of information that has come in from Times Of India is, the girls are missing now. They went missing even before the police to arrange for protection for them. Again I am surprised  that if that is true, it has not got more media attention.

I will try to update this once I get some more information.

DADT repeal poses another “problem” for Christians in military

Chaplains in military bases claim that after DADT is put to rest, they would not be able to follow religion as they want to. They would be forced to not talk about homosexuality as an abomination as the Bible “clearly says” because now there would be openly LGBT people attending the sermons.

It has started to look to me that the entire Bible is about gays and lesbians. There is no other topics that have been discussed there. So if the main topic of Bible which apparently is “Hate, kill, torture,demonize,oppress,suppress,ridicule gays” cannot be discussed while praying then its like stifling the voices of honourable christians. Its taking away law abiding, patriotic christian americans’ right to follow their religion.

Is that really how it is? In a half hour or 1 hour sermon, the chaplains will HAVE to talk about homosexuality and its negative effect on mankind or else its not praying at all. That’s really sad. I can’t help but feel sorry for this Christians.

GHANA: Uganda inspired ?

I have been thinking whether I really want to write about GHANA’s preposterous measure to smoke the gays out and arrest them.

Somewhere, it doesn’t make sense to me. After all that happened in Uganda, it seems really unlikely that another state would go ahead and publicly announce the same thing. Knowing clearly well what the aftermath will be specially now that UN has allowed admission of  International Gay and Lesbian Association (IGLA) as an NGO.

Does the term any publicity is good publicity apply for countries too?

The motion is Western Region Minister Paul Aidoo’s brain child. Although its still not clear what he proposes to do once the gays are arrested. Needless to say his moved is strongly supported and backed by the Christian Council of Ghana.

It would be interesting to see how this plays out. And if they really follow through with this, how the state plans to survive if all aids are withheld by UN as a result of this atrocity.

Stephen Bennett an ex-gay????

Stephen Bennett on Joy Behar show claimed that he used to be gay but chose to leave that life behind and is now straight with a wife and family.

He repeatedly said that homosexuality was not a choice. Atleast we will give him credit for that. He said when he was with men, he did not consciously choose to be with them. That’s how he felt and he acted on those feelings.

Now the really funny part. He decided at one point that being gay was self destructive for him so he chose to opt out of sleeping with men and started dating woman and eventually got married. So what he is saying in other words is, he didn’t choose to be gay but he definitely chose to be straight. As if that is possible.

Why not just admit that he is bi-sexual. He had his fun with men, then under societal pressure he at that time did the right thing, got married had kids. Now once his wife hit menopause if she hasn’t already, and her sexual drive declines, he will be looking for guys again. That’s how it works always.

I just hope his sake and his family’s sake, when he does start sleeping with guys again, he doesn’t get caught. He wouldn’t have had this problem if he had declared at the onset that he was bi-sexual. He has dug his own grave.

Breaking: New York Attorney General Challenges DOMA

New York State attorney general Mr. Eric Schneiderman filed a legal brief today (Tuesday) where he challenged the constitutionality of DOMA.

This action comes promptly after New York signed Marriage Equality into law and hundreds of same-sex couples rode the first wave of exhilaration from the victory and tied the knot on Sunday.

Although this was a huge step forward towards equality for LGBT people, it was still not total equality. Even if same-sex couples can marry and the state would honour the nuptial, federal government still doesn’t and wouldn’t recognize it. A same-sex couple married in New York would not be recognized in New Jersey. As a result many benefits available to heterosexual couples from the federal government are still beyond reach of same-sex couple. We are close but not close enough.

President Obama has already declared DOMA unconstitutional and instructed the justice department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act and has called for the law’s repeal.

“The VIEW” on same-sex-marriage in NY

This I think was the first time I actually adored the women on THE VIEW.  I loved this particular segment on same-sex marriage and was very pleasantly surprised on Elizabeth Hasselbeck‘s view on the issue, after the little verbal cat fight that happened with Kathy Griffin, although it was sometime back.

It is a surprise for me because as I said, I am not a big fan of  THE VIEW and so I hardly ever watch it. She must have evolved over the years. But anyway… the best part was Whoopi Goldberg. I almost bent double laughing at the end. She is just too comical and adorable.

Watch it and enjoy….

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