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Marriage Equality for Same Sex Couples in New York

Its a great day for us. Its a history in the making. New York senate voted 33-29 in favour of Marriage Equality for New Yorkers. Its time to rejoice and to thank the people behind this, whose tireless effort made this happen.

National Organization for Marriage (NOM) lost. We won. I hoped and prayed so hard for them to lose. My prayers have been answered. Their baseless, pointless, unscientific and irrational arguments held little water.

The hero tonight is hands down Sen. Grisanti.  “I cannot deny people across this state the same rights that I have with my wife”. “I cannot legally come up with an argument against same-sex marriage.” And with these statements, today he chose to vote YES and stood in the right side of history. Thank you very very much.

NOM said, he betrayed them, sold himself out. Only if they knew, evolving, doing the right thing, accepting mistakes and correcting them, is not betrayal. Its innate human quality.

So, to all my LGBT friends across the border, ‘today is your day. So rejoice! Its a victory well deserved. We join you in your celebration.’

Today maybe we can even go back to the age old context of the word ‘GAY‘, which once meant, being happy, cheerful, carefree. So today we are literally HAPPY and GAY.



Senate approves defense bill sans anti-gay amendments

Of late, I have been kind of losing hope and getting disheartened and depressed from all the force with which the anti-gay organisations, politicians, personalities have been trying to kill all our dreams.

But tonight, just before retiring for the night, this piece of news, brought my faith back on right over wrong. Not only the anti-gay amendments weren’t included, Article 125 has been repealed too, which criminalized sodomy even among consensual adults, gay or straight.

If only these angry, hate filled people knew, that it doesn’t take much to make us happy. All we want is what every living human being wants. Its very basic, very simple, to a point where it  almost seems trivial and unimportant. To be respected, accepted, included in the big picture, to be able to be a part of the human family, with the same rights and responsibilities.

I really felt hopeless, when even after repealing DADT, few politicians still tried everything in their power to delay it and if they could get their way, over turn it, and throw us back in the abyss  where we thought we had finally crawled out of.

But today, it looks like “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is finally going to rest in peace in the pages of history. I really wish, the next generation would never ask and we don’t have to tell them about this shameful law.

But I guess, DADT is gone so they will ask and we will tell.

Prop 8 trial hearing

The above link is the live blog of the trial that was held today where judge was to rule on 2 cases

a) Whether Judge Walker’s ruling should be reversed because of his sexual orientation and for the fact that he is in a long term relationship so his personal interest may have made him biased while ruling Prop8 is unconstitutional.

b) Whats to be done with the video recordings of the trial which was in possession of Judge Walker. Whether they should be ordered to be submitted to the court.

Judge Ware adjourned court by saying that he would be ready with a written ruling within the next 24 hours.

These 24 hours, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and pray.

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