Above is the link to Hindustan Times coverage of the ruling of Chattisgargh High Court in favour of a lesbian couple.

After Khushbu was forbidden by her parents to meet with Neha and was practically a captive in her own house, Neha filed a petition at the court.

Apart from the fact that the court ruled in favour of the girls, it even gave them security protection, which to me is amazing. 

What this ruling has done, is given thousands of other LGBT couples hope. And all the credit goes to Neha. If she hadn`t gone to court, people wouldn`t have known that they can get a ruling in their favour. The LGBT community is is now protected by the law.

Another good thing that came out of this ( if I know a little bit about law ) , in such future cases, this ruling can be used as a reference and that is huge.

From decriminalization of homosexuality to court allowing to girls to live together under protection, we are making progress in leaps and bounds. Would it be too early for me to dream of legalization of same sex marriage in the near future?

Congratulations to Neha and Khushbu and our heartiest thank you to the honourable judge.

AMERICA!!!! Maybe its time you learn something from this.


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  2. Thank you for a great post.

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