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Pakistan includes transgenders in a seperate category

Pakistan has given a ground breaking ruling to allow transgenders to have their own gender category in official documents.

This is a huge step in gender equality and coming from a conservative country like Pakistan, it calls for kudos and appreciation.

They would be able to choose an alternative gender from the regular Male or Female when applying for their National Identity Cards.

As can be seen in the video, this could be the opening of the door this community needed to get proper jobs and not resort to begging, something they were forced to do for being treated as a 3rd grade citizen in their own country.

Whats the WIIFM factor the government? Why all of a sudden such a radical decision?

Well… the obvious reason would be, if this community gets NIC and get proper jobs, the number of tax payers would increase. Hence more money for the government.

But this is a win win situation for both parties.  When both parties benifit out of a decision, it cannot be wrong.

So congratulations Pakistan!! Well Done.


Court ruling in favour of lesbian couple… India

Above is the link to Hindustan Times coverage of the ruling of Chattisgargh High Court in favour of a lesbian couple.

After Khushbu was forbidden by her parents to meet with Neha and was practically a captive in her own house, Neha filed a petition at the court.

Apart from the fact that the court ruled in favour of the girls, it even gave them security protection, which to me is amazing. 

What this ruling has done, is given thousands of other LGBT couples hope. And all the credit goes to Neha. If she hadn`t gone to court, people wouldn`t have known that they can get a ruling in their favour. The LGBT community is is now protected by the law.

Another good thing that came out of this ( if I know a little bit about law ) , in such future cases, this ruling can be used as a reference and that is huge.

From decriminalization of homosexuality to court allowing to girls to live together under protection, we are making progress in leaps and bounds. Would it be too early for me to dream of legalization of same sex marriage in the near future?

Congratulations to Neha and Khushbu and our heartiest thank you to the honourable judge.

AMERICA!!!! Maybe its time you learn something from this.

John Snow Pub- Kiss and Tell

This was the scene at London’s Soho district in front of John Snow Pub, yesterday evening in protest of eviction of a gay couple for kissing, in the pub.

Here is a video which had account of one of the victims and one of the observers.

I am personally not a big fan of PDA ( public display of affection ). Having said that, a few kisses hasn’t harmed anybody ever. One can meeting and greeting someone with a kiss is fine with me. But when that kiss turns to a prelude to taking your clothes off, thats absolutely unacceptable. Gay or straight doesn’t matter. I see more straight couples doing that, than gays, unless ofcourse its a gay night club.

To me, there are lots of other ways of showing your love than shoving your tongue down another’s throat. Well again, it could be my Indian background talking. For me, a kiss for more than 4 or 5 seconds in public is not acceptable.

One can show affection in public but not passion.

I wasn’t there, so can’t say whether it was two guys sealing their first date with a kiss or lick starting a night of passion.

Either way, I agree with Mr. Tatchell that, no matter how offensive it might have been  to some people, a straight couple would not have been thrown out.

I am proud and happy that so many people came out to support the couple and made a point and thats what counts.

TV9 apologises

So the channel apologized for the sting operation it ran against the LGBT commuity in Hyderabad and made a story which was biased and lacked authenticity, research and down right ignorant and hateful.

People petitioned and pushed and complained against the atrocious coverage which finally resulted in the above apology.

But seriously, I have never seen such a hurried (lets get it over with) kind of apology by a company ever in my life. It was almost like running a low budget commercial which had to be wraped up in 20 secs. We grew up with those kind of commercials and we all know we never bought those products ever. And we don’t buy this either.

The title of the Youtube video is “We won, TV9 apologised.” 

But is this really a win. Yes, maybe. The comments from different people under the video voice the same thing. Everyone thinks its half hearted. I agree. Its absolutely half hearted, the anchor should have been the one apologysing or actual people from the TV company and not just a slide show with a voice.

But beyond all this, a time slot on their channel airing this apology, in which ever form, has taken this to hundreds and thousands of households.  And that is a victory. Its like a small stone dropped in a lake but the ripples spread far and wide.

For India… its a huge step. Within a year of decriminalizing homosexuality to forcing a Tv station to apologize to the LGBT community.. its huge. But I won’t go that far to congratulate TV9 for this. Because there is nothing to congratulate for apologizing for a mistake they shouldn’t have done in the first place.

But they did it and we accept it. And now its time to move on.

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