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Koffee with Karan and John Abraham

The Koffee was strong, full bodied, rejuvenating and stimulating and unquestionably the gayest episode filmed.

It was very bold on both their parts to go to the extent they did.

Did they go a bit too far? Maybe…

Was is a little uncomfortable at times to sit and watch with our families, yes absolutely.

But having said that, the entire episode kind of looked like two friends playfully picking on each other with no holes barred. ( no pun intended ).

Kudos to John Abraham for being so open and being an advocate of the gays LGBT community.

Among all the good things, the two things that stuck out and not in a good way were two choices of words. I will not go on and on about them. Most probably they came out as harmless words during a general conversation. But one should be conscious of what he is saying. I know its not easy all the time.

1. We don’t choose to be gay in contrary to what Karan said. But yes we choose whether we would lead a gay life or succumb to the societal pressure and try to live a life of lies. That is definitely a choice.

2. Its not a preference. Preference is a conscious choice made of one upon the other. We have no choices. We don’t consciously choose men over women. The same way the straights don’t choose women over men.

I know, those weren’t intentional. None of them are activists so they don’t have to be always politically correct. And on top of that English is not our first language so vocabulary can fall short at times.

So apart from the two above mentioned faux pas, this Koffee with Karan was the most enjoyable of all and a steaming hot one at that.

Congratulations to both.


Westboro Baptist Church… a group of twisted minds

A tiny church in some godforsaken town in the States will picket the funeral of Elizabeth Taylor, the same way they have done at number of other funerals.

Check out the details from the blog post of The New Civil Rights Movement

The Westboro Baptist Church has nothing better to do than spit venom against gays. They are a family of crazy people who get off on talking about gay sex. Fred Phelps uses the idea and talk of gay people and gay sex as Viagra. The women get wet between their legs just thinking about 2 hard penises together and the men get hard and get off by just thinking about two male bodies in sexual embrace.

If you see the pic in the link, one of the posters they are holding has a pic of one man bending over and the other standing behind with an erection. That’s how much they like gay sex.

I love it. The more I see, what a bunch of idiots that group is, the more I can’t help but laugh. They remind me of the tiny dogs, who can do nothing but bark like crazy and think they are a hound or something.

So they would picket Liz’s funeral… I say go for it. Let the world see what a bunch of douche bag they are.

RIP Liz Taylor.

This Apple is not for this Adam

My moon sign being Libra, it’s not always easy for me to make up my mind. The mental scale tips back and forth forever before it comes to a balanced decision.

I was going through this usual process while trying to decide, when I upgrade my HTC phone, which one to get. The choice was obviously between iphone and Blackberry.

Blackberry is more sophisticated and business whereas iphone is more hip and funky. So needless to say my scale was tipping towards iphone.

And all of a sudden the decision making became so easy.

Apple approved an anti-gay app from Exodus International, which is an organisation which believes and preaches that homosexuality is reversible and can be cured through therapy.

I won’t ask why Apple did this? Why it didn’t think there was anything wrong with this app. Why it didn’t strike their brilliant mega minds that iphone being mostly a younger generation’s gadget, would play havoc in the minds of young gay or questioning youths or it might turn into a contributing factor to youth/teenage suicide among the LGBT community?

Coz if I ask, I will have to listen to their answers and they would be just a bunch of well rehearsed, politically correct bull shit. I can almost hear one of their justification already before they have even published it. ” We cater to the LGBT population and have Grindr. So its only fair we have a balance and cater to others too.” I will spare myself from that ordeal.

So instead, I will just go with Blackberry. And my list of boycotting companies are growing.

Walmart is on the top. I stopped shopping there when I first heard that Walmart is selling a book in the Kids section which talks about how being gay is a medical condition and can be cured.

And now this.

So thank you Apple, for making my life a little bit easier in the decision making part. Because this apple is rotten for sure.



Apple has taken the App down and its no longer available to consumers after a petition by Truth Wins Out was signed by over 146000 people.

Thank you  for creating the platform and to Truth Wins Out for taking the initiative.

But the point is, why did we have to sign a petition, two organizations had to go to this length to get the app out of the store? It means Apple doesn’t think there was anything wrong with the App, but removed it under pressure.

So are they really pro LGBT or are does their balance tilt whichever way the business is?

Prince Harry at a GAY BAR …. (Scandalous)

So Prince Harry was at a Gay Bar in SOHO to celebrate a female friend’s Birthday.

The news made headlines in most of the newspapers. The word that kept popping up in most of those headlines was “SCANDALOUS”. Hence this blog.

The Royal Scandal, as it was put by most reporters left me a little perplexed.

Which part of the incident was scandalous? A Prince being at a gay bar or the state in which he was seen coming out of it?

If it is the latter, then yes, it is scandalous. Someone from the royal family should not be partying all night at a bar and get hammered, shirt hanging out, eyes all droopy, stumbling out or in other words totally shit faced.

There are some dos and don’ts when you are from the Royal family. You can’t be one of the rest. There should be some aristocracy, sophistication, decorum in your doings. Thats why you are ROYAL in the first place. There is an image that you need to uphold. You may not like it all the time, but you cannot just ignore it. This is a price you pay for all the other privileges that you get. We, normal people look up to you. You should be the one setting trends and be idols for the rest of the people. Its hard, I get it. But its what and who you are.

Roman Holiday…anyone?

But, for some reason, I felt, the scandal was not because of this. To every reporter, it felt like the scandal was not because he got SHIT FACED in a gay bar but because he got shit faced in a GAY BAR.

So what does that mean? Harry is a prince, so can’t be gay. Royal families don’t push out gay babies. And for some bizarre reason if one turns out to be gay, it should not come out in public, because that would be a huge scandal.

Everyone knows by now that Harry is a party animal. Of late even the tabloids stopped writing about his rowdy lifestyle. So why all of a sudden it became almost a Breaking News just because he went partying at a Gay Bar?

You talk about Royal scandal… Lady Diana‘s accident/death was a scandal. Prince Charles’ too soon marriage to Camilla was a scandal. Harry’s throwing every caution to wind and partying like crazy is a scandal but not because the venue was a Gay Bar.

So the double standards and hypocrisy of the media was appalling. News media should not be biased or prejudiced or narrow minded. But unfortunately thats not the case.

The fact is, me being gay, if I can party at a straight bar, then a straight man can go and party at a gay bar. Neither of the above should make headlines in a newspaper unless I leave with the Prince at the end of the night.

But that is another story….

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