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5 Most Handome men across the world

Keeping up with the Festive spirit, here is a dollop of yummyness. 5 Most handsome men

Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year everyone.


Right Wings reaction to DADT

I was waiting for the Right Wingers‘ reaction to the repeal of DADT yesterday. And they didn’t disappoint me. Their reaction was exactly how I expected them to be.

For detailed information, check the above link.

According to Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, the new Marine motto should now be,” The Few, The Proud and the Sexually twisted.” He went on to say by allowing gays and lesbians to openly serve in the militery would leave it “feminized and neutered beyond repair.”

Peter LaBarbara, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality lashed at Sen. Lieberman and called him an embarrassment to all Orthodox Jews around the world.

How illiterate and uneducated can one be? Illiteracy and being religious orthodox are the ‘the cause and the effect.’ Once one starts to educate themselves, it broadens their minds, and they come out of the orthodox stringent mentally. ‘President of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality….homosexuality is so important to him, that he made it his life’s mission to find the truth about it. Why is he so fascinated with homosexuality. How come gays don’t have organizations like Truth About Heterosexuality?

Because we don’t think about the things that is not normal to us. And we don’t make it the most important aspect of our lives. I find straight people weird, straight sex abnormal. So I don’t dwell on it. Try not to think about it.

Next in line is Gordon Klingenschmitt

After ranting about the usual God and Jesus Our Lord and homosexuality is an abomination in the eye of God..etc. etc here is an excerpt from the last part of his statement where he would be calling on his “125,000 patriot pastors across America, to whom I have, and shall again fax free voter guides before the November 2012 election, to mobilize Church voters to throw out these 25 pro-homosexual Senators up for re-election in 2 years:”

In 2 years… I felt like laughing my guts out. Who has seen 2 years? Its a long time. He might be even dead by then for all we know.

Talk about the perfect mix of religion and politics. The part which these people don’t get is, if they throw these 25 Senators out, there will be other 25 Senators who will come up and would be pro LGBT rights. How many times, how many Senators will they throw out?


DADT repealed

In a historic 65-31 votes at the Senate, the 17 years old DADT has been repealed.

The bigots fought as much as they could to stop it. They lied, talked rubbish, lost track and started all over again. Their hammering was relentless. Their hammering just forged us into being stronger and more determined.

Senator John McCain made his plea and talked about limbless marines. I have still no idea how that was relevant to the repeal of DADT. He mumbled and grumbled and went on and on. But the end result is here for all to see.

Senator Reid, a personal THANK YOU for all that you have done, and to all the other Senators who voted ‘AYE’ today.

I was overwhelmed with joy. I cried. I am not even an american. I don’t live in america.

But those LGBT men and women in uniform, they are one of us. Thats why it was a personal victory. A victory that was long over due.

When I started watching live streaming of the senate voting today, I had no idea I would be so emotional. Looks like we gays have more compassion than our straight counterparts.

Now starts an era of ASK and TELL and be proud for what you are.

And a personal THANK YOU is in order for President Barack Obama for seeing this through.

America you just reclaimed a part of your former glory. Well done.

Merry Christmas everyone and a VERY HAPPY and GAY NEW YEAR.

Gay Agenda?

I will keep it short.

Just one question to all those who believe homosexuality is a lifestyle choice and everything about us is the GAY AGENDA that we shove down the throat of society… what made thse animals choose the homo lifestyle?

What’s their GAY AGENDA?

Who does the social policing for these outrageous acts in the animal kingdom?

There is no Christ or Shiva or Allah, then which God hate these animals? So there is an animal hell where they are destined to go when they die?

We always were told, humans are the only species in the animal kingdom who have sex for pleasure. The rest all do for reproduction.

Looks like even animals have discovered the pleasure of the backdoor. There is no reproduction involved.

What does NOM ( National Organization of Marriage ) has to say about this? These animals are destroying the age old definition of family. They should act fast before the entire animal kingdom becomes extinct.

Impeachment of 4 Iowa Judges

I just read about how State Reps. Tom Shaw, Glen Massie and Kim Pearson are pushing to remove the 4 remaining supreme court judges who ruled in favour of same-sex-marriage in Iowa.

“An Impeachment“. Is that what they are calling it? In other words they are saying that ruling in favour of same-sex-marriage was a criminal offence.

I really don’t get the legalities and the political aspect of things. Explain to me…. tomorrow if a judge rules against a murderer, few State Reps. can draft a legislation to remove the judge because the ruling was not to their liking?

This is how the United States Governing body works. Politicians can remove anyone for doing their job if it doesn’t sit well with their agenda. 7 Supreme Court judges came to a decision and they can so easily be removed because few politicians didn’t like their ruling?

If these petty politicians in state level have so much power, why is the President of the country so useless?

Removal of the judges would not reverse the ruling. The ruling will still stand.

So what is the point? You remove these 7. There would be 7 more who would be pro-gay marriage.

If  US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit rules in favour of Repealing Prop8  and the entire country has to accept same-sex-marriage, what are they going to do? Hang themselves? If they do, I will make sure there are a few heterophobes picketing their funeral.

The list of  “Why I hate America and Americans” just goes on and on and on.

DADT repeal failed

Its already old news that DADT repeal failed at the senate by 57-40. Harry Reid screwed it up big time.

How justifiable is it? So you get majority vote but still for some stupid reason there is a predetermined number of votes you need to get and you don’t get it, result,  the entire thing is struck down? I mean, seriously. Its a sweeping majority. Why 60?

It might look pretty lame and ignorant to most political junkies, me asking this. But to my defense, I do not follow politics. And after today it reinforced the fact that I have not missed much by not following politics.

Senators voted ‘maybe’. How could they. If you are so indecisive then you are not fit to be senators. In a voting of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ you came up with a ‘Maybe’. It seems like these senators are playing with thousands of people’s emotions and sentiments. “Lets vote ‘Maybe’ and then sit back and watch the fun.” Thats pathetic.

At times I think, if we change our view point, maybe DADT won’t hurt that bad.

At this current situation, LGBT people cannot serve in the military openly. So what happens if all the LGBT people just stop enrolling? The entire US Military would be of straight guys and girls. At a time when the nation is at war with two countries, let all the straight people go and fight and kill themselves. All the gays, can safely stay cuddled up at home and watch reruns of Queer As Folk.

In other words, the US Government and Military wants the straights to fight for us and make our lives easy and secure. So that we can sleep in peace at night. Maybe thats a good thing. Its time they work for us.

Now thats comforting.

9th Circuit hearing

So I followed the live broadcast of the 9th Circuit hearing of Prop8 repealing.

I am not a political junky. Seriously don’t give a damn about what the politicians do or are doing anywhere across the world. But I followed this particular case as it means a lot to me as I know it does to hundreds and thousands of others in the United States.

Like many others, I am not a big fan of Americans. Maybe this is exactly the reason why. Of all the countries I have heard of, read about, talked about, United States is by far the most ignorant, self centered, hypocritical country I have ever come across.

Yes, I know, my views are biased. For me it all boils down to acceptance of LGBT people. And why shouldn’t it be.

While I listened to Mr. Cooper and to his very animated, rehearsed, and to some extent melodramatic or theatrical speech as he tried to justify  why same sex marriage should be banned in California and all the other states, I couldn’t help but think, how much does he actually believe in his own arguments and how much is he doing because he is being paid to do so.

Does it ever cross the minds of these anti-same-sex-marriage proponents, that someone in their own family might turn out to be gay/lesbian. What will they do then?

He argued, that marriage between the same sex should be denied on the basis of rational. Judge Smith asked,” The states who do not offer even domestic partnership, do they have more rational reasoning?”  Their argument for not doing so would hold more ground than the arguments produced by the same-sex-marriage-ban proponents who are ok with civil unions?

Is it just a power struggle to prove who is the boss. “I am a heterosexual, so I have the right to dictate what homosexuals are entitled to and what they are not. And I decided that they can get domestic partnership/Civil Union, but can never use the word Marriage. That word solely belongs to me and all the other heterosexuals.” Thats how it looks like to me. Its almost tyranny.

Allowing Civil Unions is like consolation prize. “You lost but we hate to see your sad face so we are giving you this.”

As Mr. Olsen said, “No doubt its discrimination and no doubt it hurts. The question is, is it justified?” No it is not justified. Nothing that hurts, or discriminates, or puts someone in a ‘lesser than the rest’ position is ever justified.

If we don’t get to marry, what will they achieve? And if we do get to marry, what will they lose?

Practically speaking, if someone gets married in Washington and comes to live in California, his marriage is acceptable. The state would honour their marriage although they would not allow people from their own state to get married.

Hence my dislike for Americans and their screwed up systems. Their stubborn, irrational and unpractical mentality and their ignorance to see the facts and the truths drives me further and further away from the nation. I know, they really don’t care whether I like them or not. Same way I don’t care either.

But I care for my fellow people. I feel for them. I get frustrated, angry and at times feel hopeless.

Their fault is not that they are gay. Their only fault is that they are born in the United States Of America. By the way, how united are the states of America? Not much as far as I am concerned. They are as different as the human DNA. Made up of the same components but very different as individuals.

I can only keep my fingers crossed and pray, that the three honourable judges Mr. Reinhardt, Mr. Hawkins and Mr. Smith do they right thing. Give us what is rightfully ours. Don’t make the bullies win. Too many lives have already been lost in the hand of bullies. Don’t let another of them win.

And in case you all are wondering…Yes I am gay and religious. I believe in God, pray to God and I do believe that He loves me. Maybe at times a little more than the rest of you. Deal with it.

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